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Chirale HPLC

A special case is the separation of image and mirror image – enantiomer separation.
Although enantiomers agree in a large part of their physical and chemical properties, they often have completely different biological activities. Therefore, it is often necessary to have both enantiomers available for investigational purposes. However, the separation of enantiomers is often quite tricky because most of the physical properties leading to separation are identical. Preparative chromatography using chiral adsorbents is one way to accomplish this task. If you have a racemate that you would like to separate into the two enantiomers, send us a sample amount of it (about 10mg). With this we will test the analytical separation conditions and transfer them to the preparative scale. Within one week you will receive an offer from us with the exact costs you will have to pay. If you decide not to accept our offer, you will only incur the costs for the method development amounting to 950EUR !


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