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preparative column used for the enantioseparation

Chiral HPLC


The separation of image and mirror image – enantioseparation – is a special case.
Although the physical and chemical properties of enantiomers match to a large extent, they often have completely different biological activities. That is why it is often necessary to have both enantiomers for investigation purposes.
However, the separation of enantiomers is often quite tricky because most of their physical properties that lead to a separation are identical. Preparative chromatography with chiral adsorbents is a way of solving this problem.

If you have a racemic mixture that you want to separate into the two enantiomers, just send us a sample (about 10mg). You will subsequently receive an offer from us with the exact costs (app. within 1 week). Should you decide not to accept
our offer, you will only incur the costs for method development  amounting to 950EUR !